Summer evening in a Sea Kayak, Turku

From 40 €
Duration 210 minutes

There is no better way than this to experience the inner Turku archipelago! During this relaxed and enjoyable guided trip , you will experience some of the beautiful Turku and Naantali archipelago.

We will adjust the pace and length of the trip according with the group and weather. For those new to or less experienced in sea kayaking, we will get you going with the fundamentals of the sport in order to make the afternoon 100% perfect.

This summer evening archipelago sea kayaking tour starts from the Ruissalo Camping/ sandy beach on Saaroniemi peninsula, Ruissalo island, easily accessible by bus, car or bicycle from the Turku center.

Getting there: Arrive by bus number 8 from the Turku Puutori Square, bus stop PT1 which leaves at 4:00 and 4:30pm from the square. The trip to the starting point is easy - get off the bus at the end stop at Ruissalo Camping, and walk the last bit straight down to the sandy swimming beach and then to the right 300 meters. The bus trip takes around 28 minutes.

Getting back: Return with same bus starting at 8:32pm or from in front of the Ruissalo Spa Hotel 400 meters towards Turku at 9:02pm.

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Suitable experience in May, June, July, August, September


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