Travelling to Finland during the Covid-19 pandemic

Latest updates on travelling to Finland

This page contains practical travel information for international leisure travellers planning a visit to Finland during the coronavirus pandemic.

We want to reassure you that our travel service providers are adhering to all health guidelines to ensure your safe and comfortable stay with us.

Latest update: 23 June 2022

Please note: Due to the spread of the coronavirus variant travel restrictions can change rapidly. For official information please refer to the Finnish Border Guard and the Finnish institute for health and welfare.

Restrictions on external border traffic end on 30 June, 2022

Restrictions on entry at Finland’s external borders imposed due to the COVID-19 pandemic will end on 30 June, 2022.

This means that EU travellers, Schengen travellers and third-country travellers arriving in Finland will no longer be required to hold vaccination or COVID-19 test certificates, and COVID-19 tests will not be carried out at border crossing points.

Border checks will return to pre-pandemic procedures.

Travellers arriving from non-EU and non-Schengen countries must still have normal travel documents, i.e. a passport and, if necessary, a visa.

COVID-19 testing in Finland

If you feel sick when travelling in Finland and wish to be tested or if you need a test for returning to you home country, please see the list of private operators here:

Services for travellers

As of April 2022 there are no extensive restrictions in force. For more details on current situation please refer to the Finnish Government’s website.


Health and safety measures

General health and safety measures regarding coronavirus in Finland include avoiding physical contact, maintaining a safe distance from other people and observing good hand and respiratory hygiene. The Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare has lifted its general recommendation on the use of face masks in April 2022. Read the latest recommendations on use of face masks from here.

If you suspect that you might contracted COVID-19, use the Coronavirus symptom checker to first assess your condition, if possible. If the symptom checker advises you to contact a health care professional, call your nearest healthcare provider or the national Medical Helpline at tel. 116 117.

If your travel insurance includes medical insurance, please contact the healthcare provider mentioned in the policy for advice.

Nationwide emergency number is 112. Call the emergency number only in genuine emergency situations. In an emergency situation, you will be treated even if you do not have a municipality of residence in Finland. The medical costs can be collected from you afterwards. The emergency number can be called free of charge from any phone. No area code is needed. If you have a mobile phone subscription that is based abroad you can still call the emergency number without an area code.

Additional information

Monitor statements and guidance

Travellers are asked to closely monitor statements and guidance issued by their home countries’ public authorities, health officials and embassies, in order to receive timely information on matters such as quarantine instructions upon arrival at home. You can find the contact information of your own Embassy in Finland on the list of representations of foreign countries in Finland maintained by Finland’s Ministry for Foreign Affairs.

Visa Validity

Please note that the police may extend the validity of a visa in the event that flight cancellations, for example, prevent the visa holder from leaving Finnish territory before their visa expires. For more info please contact the police.

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